A change to this blog…

Hey guys,

So I’ve been thinking hard lately about this blog and more about what I want to do with this blog. I am going to be mostly a book blog!

I will still have plenty of random posts here and thre but this blog will be mostly book and reviews!

The book I’ll be reviewing is teen fiction so if you have any suggestions comment them down below and I’ll see if I like them.

Prepare yourselves for more bookish posts from me and more reviews!

That’s all for now, byeeeeeee




My top 5 songs for June 2017

1. You Are in Love ~ Taylor Swift

I love this song sooooo much and Taylor Swift has been my favourite for ,like forever! Also she has just put all of her music back on spotify so go listen to it now!

2. Hearts don’t break around here ~ Ed Sheeran

I love Ed Sheeran and I love his new album even more! Divide is such a good album and y’all should go listen to it now or you will of never lived.

3. Weak ~ AJR ft. Louisa Johnson

As you all know Louisa is a personal Favourite of mine and I love her music. This song is so good.

4. Green Light ~ Lorde

5. Mercy ~ Shawn Mendes

I decided to not give a reason for the last two because it had exactly the same reason as the others and it would of got a bit repetitive and boring.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I will see ya soon 



I’m sorry…

Hey guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Recently I have been given so much classwork that I have never had time to post every single day. Also I will not be posting alot for a bit since I have a Maths midterm coming up and I have to put alot of revision towards it.

I’m so sorry for the people who were enjoying the first post I made about my 30 days of Zentangle. And if you didn’t expect it… I haven’t had time to do any of it. I promise after my midterm has finished and I have finished my essay for an English assessment. My blog will be top priority and I will posting 3 time a week for you guys!

In other news… I HAVE A WATTPAD BLOG!!!!! I created this blog before all my classwork came in and I am going to use it for my Wattpad and updates about it. Click here to go to the blog

I hope you have took my reasons into consideration and I hope you can forgive me.

Anything and Everything


Day 1- Floral

So I decided to find a floral colouring page off the internet and copied it the best I could. I then zentagled in the free sections with some fineliners from The Works™ (a shop in England). I then chose a quote that was relevant to the doodle.

All together I’m not that pleased with it and I hope I do better tomorrow.

30 Days of Zentangle

Hey guys! This is a list I came up with for a 30 days of Zentangle. You can attempt it and share your attempt with me. Also I’m so so so so sorry that I haven’t uploaded in a while but I’m trying to do it as often as possible.

Day 1- Floral

Day 2- Traditional

Day 3- Grid

Day 4- Abstract

Day 5- A Word

Day 6- Copy (attempt to copy another piece of Zentangle)

Day 7- One Colour

Day 8- Multi Colour

Day 9- inspiration

Day 10- Odd Shape (draw or copy an shape and fill it with Zentangle)

Day 11- Abstract

Day 12- Crazy

Day 13- Leaves

Day 14- Nature

Day 15- Animals

Day 16- The deep sea

Day 17- Cups

Day 18- Eyes

Day 19- Feathers

Day 20- Lines 

Day 21- New Pattern (learn a new pattern and feature it in a Zentangle)

Day 22- A Letter

Day 23- Postcard

Day 24- Black n White

Day 25- Pink

Day 26- Complimentary Colours

Day 27- Food

Day 28- Simplicity

Day 29- What ever you want!

Day 30- the number 30/ finish

My top 5 songs of February 2017

1. Say it again (acustic)- Frances

I discovered this song on Spotify when I was browsing song on the playlist radio to add to a new playlist. I love this song because it is calm but it also has an emotional value to it. I really suggest you check it out because it is a really good song. Btw: I have only heard the acustic version of this.

2. R.I.P- Rita Ora ft. Tinie Tempah

Ok guys! I love love love this song and as soon as I heard it I instantly added it to my Spotify playlist and downloaded it onto my phone. This song has a mix of rap and singing and I think the 2 singers compliment each other perfectly. This song was released in 2014 but I only discovered this month.

3. I’m gonna show you crazy- Bebe Rexha

So this song… I have to call it my favourite on this entire list cause it is. This was another song that was released a while ago but I honestly think this is a great song. But if your going to listen to this you have to be aware that there is a fair amount of swearing in it.

4. I think I’m in love- Kat Dahlia

I like this song alot it has a nice tone to it and it definitely appeals to me. It is sung very well and the singer definitely knows how to use her voice. I find this song jut enough to satisfy me as I listen to music.

5. So Good- Louisa Johnson

My brother as the first one to show this to me and I pretended that I didn’t like it. I instantly went to my Spotify and added it into my playlist. I pretended that I didn’t like it because that would satisfy my brother too much and I don’t want him to taunt me till my death bed. I love this singer and I hope that she releases a 3rd single or even an album


Hey guys!

Today’s word is glitter so I am going to tell you something on the topic of glitter.

As a little kid I Loved glitter so whenever we go the glitter or the glitter glues (a paste it glue and glitter in a small squeeze tube) out I would be so excited! My teacher was away one day so we had the teaching assistant, Ms Baker. Ms Baker hated glitter and glitter glue so refrained from getting it out whenever she could. Unfortunately that day we were working on our Christmas projects so we needed glitter and glitter glue. So while she got all the supplies out (including the glitter products) my class grabbed the aprons and started getting their work out. I can’t remember what I was working on but it required alot of glitter. So I got my project out ,loose glitter falling on the floor, and grabbed a handful of glitter glues. I worked happily for the next half hour. I then decided to finish it off I needed multi coloured glitter glue, it’s ashame they had all run out. So I had the brilliant idea to make my own. I put glue on my page and grabbed handful after handful of glitter from the giant glitter pot. I finished my piece and looked down at my hands. They were cover in glue and glitter. So I went to the toilet and washed my hands to get all the glitter off. Eventually I did, so I went to put my masterpiece on the drying rack so it could dry. I looked over at the table I was working at and all you could see was filled and pieces of dried up glue. It was ok because it was on a table cover. So myself and the other people on the table tried to shake off all the glitter into the bin. We obviously got a “little” on the floor. We cleaned up everything else and went back into the classroom to get on with the work that was put on the board.

Ms Baker went out to access the area to see if it was all clean. She came back and picked 6 students (including me) to go finish the cleaning up. We all were sweeping up the glitter off the floor. Someone had lost the lid to the big loose glitter pot, so we left it on the table while someone searched for the lid. Ms Baker came to see if we had finished yet and as she brushed past the glitter pot she tipped it over revealing a glitter waterfall cascading off the table into a pile on the floor. Anyone could tell that she was annoyed as she practically screamed in fustration as she looked at the pile of glittery goodness falling on the floor. She screamed at us to go back to the classroom as she started gathering the glitter up and putting it in the pot. For the rest of the afternoon she was in the art area cleaning the glitter from the floor.
Even now the story makes me laugh!

Hope you enjoyed!

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Word prompts!

Hey guys, I’m doing this blog super late but oh well!

I just wanted to notify you guys that I will be following word prompts everyday to help me keep with my blog! 

I’m starting tomorrow and I hope you will keep reading. Also I have disabled comments on all my YouTube videos because of unnecessary hate that I have been getting. Instead of waking up to the same comments day after day I decided to block them out and disable the comments for a while.

Anything & Everything


The Power of a comment

Hey guys!

So today I’m talking about something that yesterday!

So I saw a post on the top of the page. It was a post saying to feel free to put a link to your first post. So wanting to expand my blog I posted the link.

Almost instantly I got alot of views and some nice encouraging comments!

This is the type of company I want to encourage and read my blog. I have expanded to other countries like America and Kenya. I just hope these people keep  reading everyday like I want people to do. This is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see y’all soon!

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