A little more on my YouTube Channel

Hey guys, 

So I want to tell you about my YouTube channel and what I do there. I will link my channel at the end of the blog so feel free to subscribe!

What do I do?

I actually do a variety of videos but my main focus is art. But I used to do gaming videos (so embarrassing). I also have done colour with me videos on colouring apps.

What is your latest video?

My latest video is actually a introduction to my blog (AKA this one!) It shows me introducing the blog and explaining it to my viewers. Before that it was a Watercolour painting that was supposed to say “Breathe” but instead it says “Breath” and I only realised after I uploaded. So Cringe!

How many Subscribers do you have?

Uhhhh only 2. But hey ho it’s early days. This is why I’m trying so many platforms to try and spread the news of my channel.

When did you start you channel?

Well… This is a hard one. My first video was uploaded on the 27th of October 2015. But I left my YouTube channel and abandoned it around 9 months after. I then picked it back up around 3 weeks ago. Ever since then I have tried to upload videos as often as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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