Hey guys, 

Today I decided that I would talk a little about my Wattpad and what I do on there. So I have 3 books available to read at this moment. 2 are fully published and are completed and the other one has 7 chapters available to read. As of right now I have no reads but I’m hoping that someone will see this blog and decide to check it out.

My most recent book has been discontinued as of right now because of lack of reads. I made the decision that if no one was going to read my books, why spend my time creating a chapter to add to my book if no one is going to spent their time reading it.

I always have chapters created just in case anyone wants a chapter. So….

That is all that I can write because I am on a tight schedule so I have to go.


Anything & Everything


Wattpad: BlueSkyDays

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwCz_ReA82ONS42vVQc2J9A


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