Hey guys!

Today’s word is glitter so I am going to tell you something on the topic of glitter.

As a little kid I Loved glitter so whenever we go the glitter or the glitter glues (a paste it glue and glitter in a small squeeze tube) out I would be so excited! My teacher was away one day so we had the teaching assistant, Ms Baker. Ms Baker hated glitter and glitter glue so refrained from getting it out whenever she could. Unfortunately that day we were working on our Christmas projects so we needed glitter and glitter glue. So while she got all the supplies out (including the glitter products) my class grabbed the aprons and started getting their work out. I can’t remember what I was working on but it required alot of glitter. So I got my project out ,loose glitter falling on the floor, and grabbed a handful of glitter glues. I worked happily for the next half hour. I then decided to finish it off I needed multi coloured glitter glue, it’s ashame they had all run out. So I had the brilliant idea to make my own. I put glue on my page and grabbed handful after handful of glitter from the giant glitter pot. I finished my piece and looked down at my hands. They were cover in glue and glitter. So I went to the toilet and washed my hands to get all the glitter off. Eventually I did, so I went to put my masterpiece on the drying rack so it could dry. I looked over at the table I was working at and all you could see was filled and pieces of dried up glue. It was ok because it was on a table cover. So myself and the other people on the table tried to shake off all the glitter into the bin. We obviously got a “little” on the floor. We cleaned up everything else and went back into the classroom to get on with the work that was put on the board.

Ms Baker went out to access the area to see if it was all clean. She came back and picked 6 students (including me) to go finish the cleaning up. We all were sweeping up the glitter off the floor. Someone had lost the lid to the big loose glitter pot, so we left it on the table while someone searched for the lid. Ms Baker came to see if we had finished yet and as she brushed past the glitter pot she tipped it over revealing a glitter waterfall cascading off the table into a pile on the floor. Anyone could tell that she was annoyed as she practically screamed in fustration as she looked at the pile of glittery goodness falling on the floor. She screamed at us to go back to the classroom as she started gathering the glitter up and putting it in the pot. For the rest of the afternoon she was in the art area cleaning the glitter from the floor.
Even now the story makes me laugh!

Hope you enjoyed!

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