30 Days of Zentangle

Hey guys! This is a list I came up with for a 30 days of Zentangle. You can attempt it and share your attempt with me. Also I’m so so so so sorry that I haven’t uploaded in a while but I’m trying to do it as often as possible.

Day 1- Floral

Day 2- Traditional

Day 3- Grid

Day 4- Abstract

Day 5- A Word

Day 6- Copy (attempt to copy another piece of Zentangle)

Day 7- One Colour

Day 8- Multi Colour

Day 9- inspiration

Day 10- Odd Shape (draw or copy an shape and fill it with Zentangle)

Day 11- Abstract

Day 12- Crazy

Day 13- Leaves

Day 14- Nature

Day 15- Animals

Day 16- The deep sea

Day 17- Cups

Day 18- Eyes

Day 19- Feathers

Day 20- Lines 

Day 21- New Pattern (learn a new pattern and feature it in a Zentangle)

Day 22- A Letter

Day 23- Postcard

Day 24- Black n White

Day 25- Pink

Day 26- Complimentary Colours

Day 27- Food

Day 28- Simplicity

Day 29- What ever you want!

Day 30- the number 30/ finish


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