My top 5 songs of February 2017

1. Say it again (acustic)- Frances

I discovered this song on Spotify when I was browsing song on the playlist radio to add to a new playlist. I love this song because it is calm but it also has an emotional value to it. I really suggest you check it out because it is a really good song. Btw: I have only heard the acustic version of this.

2. R.I.P- Rita Ora ft. Tinie Tempah

Ok guys! I love love love this song and as soon as I heard it I instantly added it to my Spotify playlist and downloaded it onto my phone. This song has a mix of rap and singing and I think the 2 singers compliment each other perfectly. This song was released in 2014 but I only discovered this month.

3. I’m gonna show you crazy- Bebe Rexha

So this song… I have to call it my favourite on this entire list cause it is. This was another song that was released a while ago but I honestly think this is a great song. But if your going to listen to this you have to be aware that there is a fair amount of swearing in it.

4. I think I’m in love- Kat Dahlia

I like this song alot it has a nice tone to it and it definitely appeals to me. It is sung very well and the singer definitely knows how to use her voice. I find this song jut enough to satisfy me as I listen to music.

5. So Good- Louisa Johnson

My brother as the first one to show this to me and I pretended that I didn’t like it. I instantly went to my Spotify and added it into my playlist. I pretended that I didn’t like it because that would satisfy my brother too much and I don’t want him to taunt me till my death bed. I love this singer and I hope that she releases a 3rd single or even an album


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