My top 5 songs for June 2017

1. You Are in Love ~ Taylor Swift

I love this song sooooo much and Taylor Swift has been my favourite for ,like forever! Also she has just put all of her music back on spotify so go listen to it now!

2. Hearts don’t break around here ~ Ed Sheeran

I love Ed Sheeran and I love his new album even more! Divide is such a good album and y’all should go listen to it now or you will of never lived.

3. Weak ~ AJR ft. Louisa Johnson

As you all know Louisa is a personal Favourite of mine and I love her music. This song is so good.

4. Green Light ~ Lorde

5. Mercy ~ Shawn Mendes

I decided to not give a reason for the last two because it had exactly the same reason as the others and it would of got a bit repetitive and boring.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I will see ya soon 




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